These unsolved cases remain open, pending the discovery of new evidence

New technological advances developed after the case can be used on the surviving evidence to identify suspects or leads, often with conclusive results.

Patricia Lupton Toronto, ON 1959
Rachel Joy MacQuarrie Dartmouth, NS 2002
Sadie Mae Rogers Amherst, NS 1981
Muriel Mann CLOSED Saint John, NB 1984
Casey Rose Bohun North Delta, BC 1989
Babes in the Woods SOLVED Vancouver, BC 1953
Jake Nicholas Just Midland, ON 1998
Theresa Allore Compton, QC 1978
Cheryl Anne Hanson Aurora, ON 1974
Cameron Gerald March Burlington, ON 1975
Dorothy Abel Yellowknife, NWT 1996
Aielah Saric-Auger Prince George, BC 2006
Mellissa Ivy Chaboyer Thompson, MB 2005
Cathryn Johnson Turner Valley, AB 1996
Janet Farris SOLVED Revelstoke, BC 1992
Patricia Bovin London, ON 1969
Andrea Scherpf and Bernd Göricke Chetwynd, BC 1989
Adrien McNaughton Arnprior, ON 1972
Christine Jessop SOLVED Sunderland, ON 1984
Joanne Marie Pedersen Chilliwack, BC 1983
Gérald Lapierre Saint-Janvier, QC 1980
Kelly Jane Evelyn Cook Standard, AB 1981
Edna Bette-Jean Masters Kamloops, BC 1960
Charles Horvath-Allan Kelowna, BC 1989 Tips can help solve these cases and bring closure to those affected by the crime. Anyone with information about any of these Cold cases is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or contact the local law enforcement agency investigating the case.

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MOST-READ Jean Virginia Sampare

Jean Virginia Sampare

18-year-old Jean Virginia Sampare was described as a healthy, normal 18-year-old woman who sang teasing songs to her siblings. She was last seen by Alvin (her cousin) on Highway 16 outside Gitsegukla, British Columbia on October 14, 1971. He left her alone as he cycled home to get a jacket, and she was gone when he returned.

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