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Toronto, Ontario - Paul Morin was arrested for Christine Jessop's murder in April 1985. He was acquitted at his first trial in 1986. Killer identified » on Oct. 15, 2020.

Mystery In Ciudad Juarez

Victoria Tori Marsbergen

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: They found Victoria "Tori" Marsbergen's body in a dusty cemetery near the airport in the lawless Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez.

It was reportedly her first visit to the tough border town across the Rio Grande. Overwhelmed local cops claimed she was battered to death with a rock and died from head trauma.

The 21-year-old Canadian Victoria, who is believed to be from the Toronto area had been living in El Paso, Texas, when she disappeared, El Diario De Juarez reported. Tori was last seen in this car bearing New Mexico plates. She had not been heard from since April 29, 2019 and her mom, Tammy Daniels, took to social media looking for help. She also filed a missing person report with the El Paso Police.

Daniels wrote on Facebook: "Her phone is off. Her phone is her life and she will never let it just die or turn it off, especially this long. Tori as everyone knows her, has not shown up for work either."

Victoria had the word "Kylie" tattooed on her chest, "Aaron Mathew" inked on her right clavicle area and a heart stating "Aaron" inked on the middle finger of her left hand.

Mexican authorities have not officially disclosed a reason why Marsbergen may have been in Juarez.

Mexican media reported that it was Tori's first time in Juarez, a city so dangerous that Canadian travellers are strongly cautioned against going there.

"Her presence here in Juarez was unusual, she had no roots here in the state, nor in the city, so we are investigating what was the reason for her presence because … we do not know who she was going to visit", said Cesar Augusto Peniche, state attorney general.

One Mexican report said Tori had recently received threats although who was doing the threatening is unclear.

This case remains unsolved.

Published: July 3, 2020

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