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Christine Jessop
Killer Died By Suicide In 2015
UCF #104200053
Location: Sunderland, Ontario, Canada
File: Toronto police Identified The Killer Of Christine Jessop
Status: SOLVED
Contributor: Elvis M.

Jacqueline McNeil
Found Safe
UCF #104200113
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
File: Vanished Mysteriously in Toronto
Status: SOLVED
Contributor: Matt N.

Jacqueline McNeil


This Case is Solved

Jacqueline McNeil was found safe

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Janet Farris
Discovered In a Submerged Vehicle
UCF #104200176
Location: Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada
File: Boy, 13, Helped Solve 27-Year-Old Case
Status: SOLVED
Contributor: Amanda W.

Henry Stone-Arnold
Remains were found on a private property
UCF #104200219
Location: Dryden, Ontario, Canada
File: The Disappearance And Murder of Henry Stone-Arnold
Status: SOLVED
Contributor: Brenton M.

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